Monday Night Wushu 11/26/2018

Tonight’s workout is based on Chan Quan which is the northern Wushu side. Try the workout and see what you think:
Run in place 5 minutes
20 Push ups
20 Crunches
Rising Front Kick 10x
Side Rising Kick 10x
Cresent Kick 10x
Reverse Cresent Kick 10x
Horse stance 30 seconds


Left forward Bow Stance 30 seconds

Right forward Bow Stance 30 seconds


Cat Stance 30 seconds
Drop stance 30 seconds on each side


Chan Quan combo 1 (10x)
Chan Quan combo 2 (10x)
Gunshu combo 1 (10x)
Gunshu combo 2 (10x)
Front Split stretch
Side Split stretch both ways
Cat StretchSorry for the lack of pictures and video’s in my post, I am working on it but it is a slow process. Hopefully the blog will continue to get better everyday! Thank you for reading.