Thursday Night SanShou 11/29/2018

Tonight I am going to take a break from working forms, also known as taolu, to work more on the fighting side. For San Shou, many fighters chose the South paw stance rather than the Orthodox method of fighting.

Try the following workout:

Jump forward and back for 1 min

Lunging jab and back 1 min

Lunging jab, cross, back 1 min

Jab, cross, leg kick 1 min

Jab, cross, round house 1 min
Round house, front thrust, 1 min
Leg kick, jab, cross 1 min
Leg kick, high round house, 1 min
Jab, cross, jab, jab, 1 min

Jab, spinning rear thrust kick

Jab, cross, hook, uppercut
Hook, cross, hook
Do 2 sets of each combination. Thank you for reading!

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