Wednesday Night Practice

Tonight I chose to work some of the basics before beginning any type of tricking or acrobatics since this is my first post on the subject. One of the most important things to learn, is going to be how to fall down correctly. Falls are not uncommon while learning new tumbling techniques so it is best to know how to do so without getting hurt.
Judo teaches the proper falls very well. So tonight, it is time to borrow some of their techniques. Tonight’s workout:
 Run in place for 20 seconds
Push ups 10x
Run in place for 20 seconds
Crunches 20x
Repeat 2 more times
Front Stretch Kick 10x
Side Stretch Kick 10x
Rear Stretch Kick 10x
Start by sitting on your knees. Fall forward and catch yourself with both arms spread out as far as possible. The more of y our arms that hits the ground at the same time, the better. You want the force spread out over the body as much as possible so that the force is not impacted into a single focal point. 
Repeat this exercise 10 times
Next stand on your feet, but crouch down as low to the ground as possible without touching. Now fall backwards. Spread the arms out like in the above exercise, except falling on the back of the arms rather than the front.  Remember to spread the force out as much as possible. 
Start on your knees, fall to the side putting one arm up at a 45 degree angle. As always, spread the force out over as much area as you can.  Do both sides.
These falls make up the 3 basic break falls.
Do 5 sets

I know this exercise seems a tad simplistic and redundant, and it is intentionally. It is very important to grasp two basic falls. It will help you any time you are thrown in a fight, lose your balance and fall on a technique, or with enough practice simply falls on the street. 
 It may be boring, but please try your best to perfect these before moving on to any advanced acrobatic techniqes!