Thursday Night San Shou

Push Ups on Knuckles 10x

Hip Raises 10x

Plank 1 minute

Repeat 3x

Jab 10x

Cross 10x

Jab Cross 10x

Leg Kick with Front Leg 10x

Leg Kick with Rear Leg 10x

Round House Kick to the body 10x

Round House Kick to the head 10 x

Front Leg Wheel Kick to body 10x

Front Leg Wheel Kick to body 10x

Jab, Cross, Leg kick with Rear Leg 10x

Jab, Cross, Left Front Thrust Kick 10x

Hook, Cross, Hook, Round House Kick 10x

Hook, Cross, Side Thrust 10x

Jab, Spinning Rear Thrust 10x

Jab, Spinning Back Fist, Ridge Hand, Knee 10x

Cross, Jab, Knee 10x

Cross, Jab, Thrust Kick 10x

Cross, Jab, Hook, Knee 10x

These are some basic combos that are handy to know. I prefer partner drill when doing San Shou, however a good grasp of the basics techniques. In this type of fighting,