Wednesday Acrobatic and Weapon Practice

Tonight’s workout will consist of a little work with the staff and some basic acrobatic and tricking work. Seeing as the blog as still fairly new I do not want to get into anything to advanced as I assume anyone following along is just starting out at this point. If you are more advanced, it will still make for a good basic workout.

Tonight’s Workout

Crunches 10x

Twisting Crunches 10x

Push ups 10x

Diamond Push ups 10x

Front Stretch Kicks 10x

Side Stretch Kicks 10x

Rear Stretch Kicks 10x

Front Break Fall10x

Side Break Fall 10x

Rear Break Fall 10x

Shoulder Roll 10x

Reverse Shoulder Roll 10x

Round House Spinning Hook Kick 10x

Flying Front Kick Tornado Kick 10x

Cart Wheel 10x

Butterfly Kick 10x

GunShu Combo 1 10x
GunShu Combo 2 10x
GunShu Combo 3 10x

Side Split Stretch 30 seconds

Front Split Stretch Both Ways 30 seconds