Monday Morning Strength Training 12/17/2018

Today I decided to do combination sets in my workout. I was running a bit late this morning so it’s a great way to save time. You can combine workouts that use different muscle groups so that your rest time is spent working on something else. So do these workouts by doing two separate workouts before any rest.

Today’s workout:

Hammer Curls 10x

Oblique Twist 10x

Overhead Press 10x

Side Bends 10x

Lat Pulldowns 10x

Wood Chops 10x

Pull Ups 10x

Hanging leg raises 10x

Do 5 sets.

When I do these workouts, I like to start with light weight to warm up and add a little weight each set. On your last set, you should have enough weight you can not get a full 10 reps out. This way your making sure your muscles get a good overload to help stimulate growth.