Friday Night Wing Chun 12/21/2018

Tonight’s Workout 

If you happen to have a wing chun dummy, use that. If not, a tree will work. The main idea today is to condition the forearms and hands so beat lightly, gradually increasing force. It also helps to massage the hands after the workout. It is recommended that you spend 1/3 of the time you spent beating your hands on massaging them. So if you spend 30 minutes striking a hard surface, spend 10 minutes massaging the muscle

Vertticle Punch Solar Plexus Level 10x

Ridge Hand Alternating Sides 10x

Palm Strike Nose Level 10x

Shooting Fingers Eye Level 10x

Inward Block 10x

Outward Block 10x

Downward Press 10x

Palm Heel to Rib 10x

Back Fist 10x

Spear Hand 10x

Round House Kick to Leg 10x

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