Friday Night Strength Training 01/04/2019

Round 1 Round 2 Round 3
Run 5 min Skull Crushers 10x Side Plank Right Side 30s
Jumping Squats 10x Tricep Dips 10x Side Plank Right Side 30s
Switch Lunges 10x Archer Push Ups 10x V ups 10x
Step Up 10x Plank 30s Hip Raises 10x

For this workout, only do the run for a warm up. Drop the run 5 minutes after the first time it is done. Other then that, Finish out a round being explosive on the ascending motion of the workout, and take it slow on the descending portion of the workout.  Move through the round as quickly as your physical ability allows (not rushing the individual workouts). Rest for 90 seconds after before going onto the next round. Finish 3 sets

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