Wednesday Night Workout. 01/30/2019

This will be last workout of the month, so let’s make it a good one! I will be taking tomorrow off writing a blog to design the February training schedule. Next month will focus less on strength training and more on endurance, flexibility, and perfecting basic techniques in Northern Wushu.

Today’s Workout

Jump Rope 5 minutes

(Rest 1 minute)

Repeat 3 times

10 Front Stretch Kicks

10 Side Stretch Kicks

10 Rear Stretch Kicks

For the following exercises, start with a light weight. You should be able to perform the exercises with good form at least 10 times. You are going to do 5 sets total. After each set, add a little weight. By the time you reach the last set, it should be difficult to perform even 5 repetitions with good form. Finish one exercises before moving onto the next.

Front Deltiod Raises

Side Deltiod Raises

Dumbbell Curls

Overhead Press

Dead Lifts

Bulgarian Split Squats


Side Lunges

Box Jumps

Enjoy your workout! Post will continue on Friday.