February Schedule

Welcome back for February. Sorry about the delay on the blog. I got a little bit caught up celebrating the Chinese New Year. This month the focus is on getting ready for tournament performance. As such this months training will be extremely focused on Northern Wushu.

For tournament purposes you want each form as perfect as possible. This is accomplished by having solid basics.  For this reason there will be a lot of basics worked this month. There are various ways to score extra points during your performance. Anything you can do to help you stand out will help improve your score.

The things I like to focus on most are deep stances, high kicks, high jumps, and burst of extreme speed. You want to bring each of these up a notch so it will be important to work on flexibility, endurance, and explosive movements.

The training for will focus on different attributes each day. For example;

Monday- Work on perfecting stances.

Tuesday- Work on flexibility

Wednesday Work on Stamina

Thursday-  Work on Long Weapon Basics

Friday Work on Short Weapon Basics

Saturday- Sparring Drills

Sunday- Rest\

Training will continue is this manner throughout the month.