Thursday Night Long Weapon Routine

Thursday Night Workout

GunShu Combo 1 10x

GunShu Combo 2 10x

GunShu Combo 3 10x

GunShu Combo 4 10x

GunShu Combo 5 10x

Gunshu Combo 6 10x

GunShu Combo 7 10x

QiangShu Combo 1 10x

QiangShu Combo 2 10x

QiangShu Combo 3 10x

QiangShu Combo 4 10x 

QiangShu Combo 510x

QiangShu Combo 6 10x

Chuji Gun Shu 10x

You can find many of these combo’s on Youtube under the channel for Arkansas Wushu. These combos are designed to where as long as you slowly work your way up through them, they will provide a warm up. Make sure to pay special attention to going deep into each stance, contracting the abs as much as possible, and ending the technique in perfect form.