Self Defense of the Week: Sumo

The next technique I would like to go over is called Sumo. Sumo is a technique off of a grab from the front where you are arms are completely free.


To start this technique, you will want to make an X block and strike the throat of your opponent. This should loosen their grip a little bit, and buy you a second of time if done correctly.


Next you will want to bring the elbows in tightly and drop them down between your opponents arms. Spread your arms outward and then upward and that should clear your opponents arms from your body.


You will then immediately put your right hand on top your left, keeping both hands open. With the tips of the fingers from both hands, strike hard into the center of the throat. This should back the opponent up just enough for you to get your next attack off.


Next you will want to step in with your right foot and drive your elbow upward under the attacker’s chin. If you can, try to trap his arm with your left hand at the same time, this will give you more control and options if needed.


Next you will want to pivot your hips away from your opponent and drop a hammer first to the groin. Open the hand above that area and bring your foot up backwards, smashing the groin area between your open palm and your foot.


At this point if everything is done correctly, your opponent should be damaged enough for you to get away. If you feel confident you may go ahead and apply a submission.

Thank you for reading!

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