Self Defense Technique of the week: Striking Asp B

Last week we covered “Striking Asp A”. This week, we will cover another variation of that technique. There is no difference in the attack. Your opponent is still grabbing you and pulling you towards them in this scenario.

As before you will still trap the opponents and wrist and let them pull you towards them. The harder they pull, the better it is for you as this will put more force into your strike. At the same time, you want to perform a middle knuckle punch to their solar plexus. Keeping this middle knuckle out a little bit will help you concentrate the force into a small area, hopefully knocking the wind out of your attacker on impact.

You hand comes back to your ear just like in “Striking Asp A”, however this time your hand will remain a fist.  With the bottom of your fist, also known as a “hammer fist”, you want to strike your opponents jaw. I recommend hitting right at the hinge of the jaw for maximum damage, with enough force there is a chance of breaking the jaw at that point. Make sure to follow all the way through with your strike as it will help set up your next attack.

Once the hand is across your opponents jaw and you have reached the point that your hand is now in front of your left shoulder, open your hand and get ready to perform a knife hand strike. This strike will go straight to the esophagus.

This is where the technique ends. If everything was done correctly, your opponent should no longer be able to fight. I hope you enjoyed this weeks self defense technique. Thank you for reading!


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