Self of the Defense: Striking Asp C

There is one more variation to the series of striking asp attacks. This time, the attacker has not quite gotten a hold of you yet. This attack takes place as the attacker is reaching for you.

Before your opponent can get a hold of you, step in with your foot. At the same time, use your left hand to parry their right arm outward, creating an opening in the center. As all this is happening, you should also be performing a ridge hand strike to the groin area with your right hand.


Go ahead and grab their wrist with your left hand to help hold them in place, You will then want to shuffle in and perform an elbow strike underneath the chin.



You will then want to turn your body away from the opponent as you drop your hammer fist down, at this point you should be facing away from them.


At this point, open the hand and bring the heel of the right foot up. This should crush the groin between your palm and the heel of the foot. This completes the technique Striking Asp C.

Hope you enjoyed this weeks self defense technique!