Step by Step Shotokan Form reference complete!

We have been working hard on the website here at Arkansas Wushu, and are happy to announce that we are now a step closer to completing our online Shotokan manual! Each form has been broken down into step by step movements for quick reference.

The most important part of grading for a belt in Shotokan Karate, is to know and be able to perform the forms. In the beginning ranks, there are the Heian Katas. These Katas may also be known in The Pinan Katas or the I Katas. All of them have two Kiya spots throughout the form.

After the 5 Heian Forms, there is Tekki Shodan, Bassa Dai, Enpi, and Kanku Dai. Tekki Shodan is part of a series of forms that are performed almost entirely in Horse Stance, helping build a strong foundation. This form is aimed at helping someone fight with their back against a wall. The other 3 are advanced forms that are required curriculum to obtain a Black Belt in Shotokan Karate.

The steps have been typed out but we are still trying to improve! We are slowly adding video links for each step to avoid any confusion about how each movement should be performed. This will make it easier to learn things that might get over looked, such as which direction you should spin.

We at Arkansas Wushu hope this helps you with your Martial Arts journey and makes it easier for to master your Shotokan forms!