Alternative methods for the Wing Chun Dummy

Wing Chun is a very popular form of Kung Fu. The style was first made popular by Bruce Lee, and has renewed fame thanks to the Ip Man movies. The wooden dummy is the most iconic training tool used in the style. Watching a Wing Chun practitioner do the wooden dummy form can be mesmerizing. If you do not know Wing Chun, there are still many beneficial ways to practice on the dummy using your own martial art.

The simplest way to begin may be with basic blocks. The wooden arms give you something solid to slam your forearms into, allowing you to practice the technique while conditioning your forearms. Most blocking drills that are done with a partner can be done on the Wing Chun dummy. You can even use the dummy to help develop other Kung Fu skills such as Iron Arm or Iron leg.

The wooden dummy is also a great tool for developing kicks. The solid wood base can be used to condition your shins if you dare to kick it with a Round House kick. The extra arms are great for swiping kicks like the Crescent Kick. The foot on bottom is perfect for practicing sweeps. I personally like combos such as a mid level knee followed by a low Side Thrust Kick to the Knee.

My favorite way to use the dummy would be to test self defense techniques. You learn Bunkai in traditional Karate forms you can try to apply on the dummy. Styles like Chuan Fa/Kenpo have a long list of techniques worth trying. The dummy will not cooperate and is very difficult to move, so can show you ways you may need to adjust when fighting a much larger opponent. Borrowing from Chuan Fa, I like to use techniques such as Hand Staff A and Brushing Lances. They are short and simple and work well with the dummy.

I hope you enjoyed the article, try to come up with some of your own creative ways to use the wooden dummy. This is a great tool that deserves a lot of attention outside of the Wing Chun Style. There are other many other variations of the wooden dummy that are worth checking out as well. Thank you for reading.

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