Live classes from Arkansas Wushu starting 8/6/2022

Arkansas Wushu has spent the last year working on YouTube content. We have worked to make the channel go hand in hand with the website as an online manual. While it has been a slow process, there is now a lot of material up and we feel it is time to take the next step.

To grow the channel even more, we are now offering a once-a-week class on YouTube live! This will ensure that new content is being added every week while giving students more of a platform to ask their questions.

The style taught in the classes will be Chuan Fa. Chuan Fa is a self-defense focused martial art that has been passed down from China to Japan, and from Japan to America. This style of martial art is also known as Kenpo. Chuan Fa is very rounded and includes a wide range of kicks and strikes, throws, and a few grappling techniques.

Classes will generally start with a warm-up followed by a stretch. This workout will then proceed to cover basic techniques and self-defense combinations. Last, we will look at some forms and then cool down. While I would love to work some sparring in as well, that is simply impossible to do in an online class. I will however cover some sparring tips and techniques.

Classes will be held every Tuesday from 7pm to 8pm on our YouTube channel at Subscribe today to make sure you don’t miss any. See you there!