Salutation for Chuan Fa

Last week, Arkansas Wushu began online classes for the style Chuan Fa. Chuan Fa opens up with a salutation rather than a bow. Many beginners struggle with learning the opening salutation, it seemed best to create an article going over the steps.

Step out right and swing both arms out to the side until your hands meet over your head touching the thumb and index fingers together

Step 1

Bend the knees dropping down into a horse stance as you bring your palms down in front of you forming a prayer position.

Step 2

Make your right hand into a fist

Step 3

Bring your legs back together as you bring your hands straight up, and then let them fall down to the side.

Step 4

Bring your right fist and left palm to the right side of your right ear. Step forward with your leg turning your foot sideways.

Step 5

Step forward with your left foot and drop into a cat stance. At the same time, push your fist and your palm forwards.

Grab with both hands and in a tiger claw position.

Step 7

Close fist and begin pulling the arm back as you step back left

Step 8

Bring your right foot back so that your feet are together

Step 9

Let the arms down and relax

Step 9

That concludes the salutation. In Chuan Fa, this is what is used as the opening and closing to every class. It is also used at the opening and closing of most forms, excluding the beginner forms.

The next online class will be Tuesday at 7pm central time on the YouTube channel for Arkansas wushu. You can find our channel here:

Thank you for reading.