Balancing tips for combination kicks

Our last class included two additional kicks: the double and triple kick. Both of these kicks are just combinations of various snap kicks. In the beginning, maintaining balance during these kicks can be challenging. You might find these tips helpful as you practice those techniques.

Make sure your head stays still! Practice involves a great deal of eye movement.   When you watch new practitioners learning a form, you may notice them rolling their eyes back as they try to recall techniques. Looking up, down, or off to the side can all throw your balance off. Try to keep the head still when the kicks are extended.

Check your posture. Do not try to counterbalance a kick. You should not be leaning back to keep your balance when throwing a kick forwards. Instead, try to ensure your hips are always directly under your head and preferably over the center of your stance.    

Another trick that can help you with your balance is to simply stare at something. Find a picture or a spot on the wall about eye level and stare directly at it and nothing else. Perform your kick slowly and see how much it helps with your balance.

A weak foundation can make it hard to stand on one leg. Standing on one leg becomes a lot easier if you have a strong supporting leg. If you find that you begin to wobble rather quickly, you may need to develop more leg strength. Try exercises such as lunges, squats, and box jumps. Work your way up to pistol squats and you should see a massive improvement. 

Having a center point to return to can also be very helpful. A good reference point to use is the knee of your standing leg. The knee also makes a great resting area. You can bring your foot back to your knee and take a brief moment before throwing each kick. This will kill any momentum that may throw you off balance while returning your weight back to your center of gravity. 

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