Whirling Blades

step by step breakdown of whirling blades (1st brown)
Step up left into a Side Fighting Horse Stance and execute a left Soft Hand Block in front of you while your right hand performs a right Extended Outward Block behind you
Execute a right Vertical Punch to the rib
Step your right leg past your opponent and execute a right elbow strike to the low rib
Turn counter clockwise 180 degrees and perform a left Knife Hand Strike to the kidney
Execute a right Soft Hand Block and a right Snap Kick to the groin
As you set down, chop down with the right hand on the right side of your opponents neck
Drop down on your left knee as you chop down with your left hand on back of the neck
Fling your fingers up with the right hand and strike the eyes with the index and middle fingers
Stand up and pivot clockwise 90 degrees and parry the attackers punch outward with your right hand
Execute a right Inverted Wheel Kick to the solar plexus
Execute a left Knife hand chop to the back of the neck
Execute a right Knife Hand chop to the back of the neck
Execute a right chicken wrist strike to the bridge of the nose