Flashing Wings

step by step breakdown of flashing wings (blue belt)
Step up left and perform a Soft Hand Block
Pivot into a Hard Bow Stance and perform a elbow strike to your opponents rib driving all the way through
Perform a elbow strike back to the kidney
Lift the right hand up and perform a Knife Hand Strike with the right hand (palm down)
Follow the right hand with your left performing a Knife Hand Chop to the side of the neck pivoting into a right leg forward Hard Bow Stance
With your left hand push back on your opponents right shoulder. Pivot into a left forward Hard Bow Stance performing Knife Hand Chop (palm up) to the throat
Apply and Eagle Claw to the throat
Step behind your attackers right leg with your right leg and grab their left shoulder from behind with your left hand
Throw your attacker over your hip
Drop your right knee onto your opponents abdomen
Perform a Half Fist to the throat