Hand Staff C

step by step breakdown of hand staff c (blue belt)
Step up left into a Hard Bow Stance and perform a Soft Hand Upward Block on with the left hand while executing a Chicken Wrist Strike with the right hand
Grab the wrist and hold tightly with your left hand while performing a uppercut to the solar plexus with your right hand
Slide your right hand up and Hook Hand behind the neck
Execute a right Knee Strike to the groin
Execute a right Knee Strike to the nose
Set your right foot down behind the right leg of your opponent
Perform an Eagle Claw to the throat
Throw your opponent over your hip keeping your hold on the wrist
Drop your right knee on the abdomen
Execute a Half Fist to the throat
Grab the right shoulder with your right and lift your attacker as high as you can off the ground
Slam the arm down over your left knee, breaking the elbow